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Development Audits

What is a development audit and when does your organization need one?

A development audit is an internal assessment of your fundraising program and your readiness to embark on new development ventures. The development audit looks at involvement of board, staff and volunteers in the fundraising process and offers recommendations on how to best use the human resources available to the organization. It evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your development systems, including fundraising software and also offers suggestions to help improve donor communications and stewardship.

Bull Moose Group recommends a development audit when your organization is:

  • Preparing to embark on a major gifts, capital or endowment campaign
  • Not satisfied with the results of their annual giving program
  • Seeking to increase Board participation in fundraising efforts
  • Looking for an objective evaluation of their development program
  • Trying to diversify their funding streams
  • Engaged in the strategic planning process; and/or
  • Seeking to take their program to a higher level of professionalism.

Annual Campaign Management

A strong and comprehensive annual fund program is the foundation for all fully developed fundraising programs and the entry point to major gifts. A well-conceived annual campaign allows an organization to build a predictable base of support and provides a pool of proven donors for other fundraising efforts. The vast majority of individual donors give their first contribution to an organization through its annual fund. Repeat contributors to annual funds become an identified group of loyal and established givers which makes them prime candidates for capital and endowment campaigns down the road.

Bull Moose Group will work with staff and lay leadership in designing and implementing your annual campaign, including setting realistic goals, board and campaign cabinet training, creation and production of fundraising collateral, prospect follow up and post campaign analysis.

Capital Campaign Management

A capital campaign is a fundraising initiative conducted over an extended time frame, intended to raise significant funds for capital expenditures such as new construction, building renovation, expansion or the purchase of a major piece of equipment. Bull Moose Group emphatically recommends that a Planning or Feasibility study be conducted prior to engaging in such a campaign. Bull Moose Group will help the organization assess donor aptitude, organizational readiness, campaign goals and timing. This step is often overlooked or rejected, but statistics demonstrate the need for proper planning. 87% of organizations that do without a Feasibility Study FAIL to meet their campaign goals.

Once the Planning Study is completed, Bull Moose Group expert consultants will help the organization structure the campaign and depending on the non profit’s individual budget and needs, can provide the following services:

  • Assist leadership with recruitment of campaign leadership
  • Drafting the Case for Support
  • Prospect identification, analysis, cultivation, and solicitation
  • Major gift plans
  • Board, campaign cabinet and volunteer training
  • Creation and monitoring of time line
  • Organization of all campaign functions and meetings

Board Training & Development

There is a strong link between successful fundraising initiatives and an integrated, educated board which understands the fundraising process, the role each board member plays in that process and the board member’s commitment to fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Bull Moose Group can conduct board retreats on or off site, develop recruitment criteria for new members, create or refine board expectations for new board members and train staff in techniques to maximize support for board and volunteer activities.

Social Media Planning & Execution

If you are looking for new strategies to increase your visibility, market your events and expand your donor base, social media may be your answer. A defined social media policy is important if you decide to capitalize on this booming trend.

Bull Moose Group will will identify the popular social media sites and explain how you can use them to your advantage. We’ll create an online presence, help you “join the conversation”, network, build, and enhance your relationships. And if appropriate, we will create and implement social media fundraising initiatives.

Event Planning & Marketing

A well organized event can make all the difference in successful revenue generation.

Bull Moose Group is prepared to assist your organization in making your next event a complete SUCCESS. Services include:

  • Site selection
  • Preparation of budget and timeline
  • Sponsorship identification and prospecting
  • Sponsorship stewardship
  • Selection of speaker and negotiation of contract services
  • Entertainment
  • Invitations and all marketing materials
  • On site registration services
  • Travel arrangements
  • Unique themed parties, receptions, dinners and cocktail parties
  • Trade shows
  • Golf and tennis tournaments; bicycle and motorcycle rides
  • Auctions
  • Volunteer coordination and training
  • Post-event review and analysis

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